Vanessa Decort graduated in 1998, from Sint Lukas Art School Brussels, with a degree in graphic
design and illustration.

After her studies she illustrated children's books and book covers for several editors.
After working as an illustrator and multimedia designer for a few years, she left the commercial
world and went back to art education. Vanessa now holds art classes at the Academy of Art while
working on her own projects.

With her illustrations she tries to explore other worlds: the fourth dimension, fairy tales and myths,
her own experiences and fantasy. In her work there are also references to holism and the Science
of Wholeness originating from: oriental philosophies and other cultures.

Vanessa seeks to challenge the paranoia and egomania of the competitive Western society through
her work.

The name Vanessa is also a genus of brush-footed butterflies.
Vanessa cardui is a well-known colourful butterfly known as ‘The Painted Lady‘ or in North America
as ‘The Cosmopolitan‘. This butterfly has a strange pattern of flying in a sort of screw shape.

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